6 Reasons To Use Facial Oils in 2022: How To Use Them

We can all agree the past two years have not been what we've hoped for. It's paused a lot of our plans and activities, its been confusing and scary and it's changed all of our lives. But one great thing is that it's given us a lot more time to focus on our skincare routines! And now is the time to think about your 2022 skin goals!

One thing you should definitely add to your routine is a high-quality facial oil.  For ultimately hydrated, glowing skin, a facial oil is a must-have!

Facial oils are especially important as they are not only used for hydrating skin, they benefit many skin concerns that are expressed more with stress. And most of us have been more stressed in 2020/2021 than ever before! 😖

No matter what problems your skin is dealing with, no matter what your skin type, your complexion can be improved by using facial oils in your skincare routine.

High quality facial oils have mega concentrations of skin-loving ingredients to support healthy vibrant skin!

Facial oils help your skin look youthfully dewy, protect against wrinkle causing environmental stressors, help fight acne (with mask mandates, we're breaking out a lot more!), and boost your skin's nutrient and vitamin levels.

We’re sharing 6 reasons to use facial oils for 2022 and how to use them so that you can achieve glowing, soothed, radiant skin. 

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What are Facial Oils?

Facial oils are specially formulated products with mega concentrations of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

Facial oils help to soothe skin, prevent early signs or aging, provide hydration, and boost skin's ability to repair and maintain itself.


Facial oils vary in color depending on the plant from which they are derived and how the facial oils are combined. Common colors vary from clear, to yellow, red, blue, or green! The shades and hues of facial oils can vary from season to season and batch to batch.


Facial oils have a smooth silky texture that varies in thickness from relatively thick to very thin. Facial oil texture depends on the natural properties of the facial oil and how it is combined with other ingredients in a specific formula.

  • Heavier facial oils are best to use at nighttime and for those with dry skin. Thinner facial oils are excellent to use during the day under makeup and for those with oilier skin.
6 reasosn to use facial oils in skincare routine

Who Should Use facial Oils?

Everyone! All skin types and conditions can benefit from using facial oils in your skincare routine. You just need to pick the right oil, the right combination of ingredients, and know how to apply it. Remember that the benefits of facial oils go beyond that of hydration.  We'll get into how to use facial oils in the 2022 later in this article.


Why Should You Add Facial Oils To Your Skincare Routine?

    1. Facial Oils Are Rich In Antioxidants- Antioxidants are powerful compounds that fight oxidation. Oxidation comes from stress! Environmental stress like pollution, chemicals applied to the skin, and UV radiation all lead to the signs of aging.

    We're going to continue spending more time outdoors in 2022 which is wonderful, but depending on where you live and the time your spending outdoors, your may have more oxidative damage than before. Adding a facial oil can help to slow down and prevent wrinkle causing oxidative damage.

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      2. Facial Oils Don't Clog Pores- We all have to deal with our pores getting clogged with sebum, bacteria, and dead skin cells! 🤢

      Adding a facial oil allows you to fight certain skin conditions and hydrate your skin without clogging pores. Facial oils are specifically chosen for facial application because they are light-weight, do not clog pores and leave no greasy residue

          3. Facial Oils Hydrate Your Skin- Your skin needs natural oils to keep it supple, and often times we are tempted to strip our skin of oil to avoid breakouts. This is especially true for those who have oily skin.

          However, this can backfire and lead to excess oil production leaving you more prone to breakouts and looking greasy! In 2022, many of us will be washing our faces more often just to feel fresh and take a break from masks we're still wearing. Using a facial oil can certainly help re-balance our skin's oil production and help to keep it perfectly hydrated even with the extra washing you may be doing!

          4. Facial Oils Soothe Your Skin- Add a facial oil to your 2022 skin routine! As we've mentioned earlier, stress can cause skin flares!

          Acne and rosacea are especially known to flare during stress, leaving your skin red, blotchy, and inflamed. Certain facial oils, like hemp seed oil, have excellent anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce redness and inflammation.

              5.  Facial Oils Fight Acne- So many of us are too scared to pair facial oils with acne! It sounds counter intuitive right? But it's quite the opposite. Facial oils in a skincare routine can actually reduce the chance of breakouts. Including "maskne"!

              Using facial oils for acne produce long-term results, although it may take a little longer to initially see the results as compared to other harsh, stripping, chemical-laden acne treatments.

              Facial oils help acne by reducing inflammation, preventing excess oil production, and by killing the acne causing bacteria p. acnes.

              Not all facial oils are good for acne!  Choose a non-comedogenic facial oil, like Glow Envy, that has acne fighting hemp seed oil and tea tree oil!


              6. Facial Oils Cleanse Skin- A super gentle and effective way to cleanse skin is by using a cleansing oil! Cleansing oils can remove makeup, excess sebum, and pore-clogging dirt.

              This cleansing method is great for all skin types, but acne-prone and sensitive skin benefit the most. This is because facial cleansing oils are able to dissolve and remove excess oils and dirt without stripping your skin. Stripped skin leads to problems!

              Oil cleansers actually prevent skin problems like dryness, tightness, and increased fine lines, and instead nourish your skin at the same time they cleanse it!

              How To Use Facial Oils In Your Skincare Routine

              The most important thing to know when using facial oils in your skincare routine is that a little goes a long way!  You want your skin to look glowy and dewy, not greasy. 😉

              How To Use Facial Oils: Step by Step

              1. Thoroughly cleanse your skin with a gentle effective cleanser.
              2. Tone your skin with a pH Balanced Essence or Toner.
              3. Use a facial roller or cleansed finger tips to apply 3-4 drops of facial oil to your skin.

                • Gently massage facial oil into your skin in upwards motions.
                • Wait 30 seconds to allow your facial oil to fully absorb before applying a moisturizer or makeup.

              Apply your facial oil morning and night!

              We hope you enjoyed learning the 6 reasons to use facial oils in 2022! Have you incorporated it into your routine yet?

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