How To Wash Your Face- Do's and Dont's

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So, you're curious about skin care basics and you want to know once and for all what is the best and official way to wash your face?

✨Congratulations!✨ This is the first step to amazing skin and one that is most often done improperly.

We all clean our skin with the hopes that it will be healthy and vibrant! Developing a cleansing routine that works for you is not only going to ensure your skin looks it's best, it will also ensure that the rest of your skin care products work optimally!

When we know how to properly cleanse our skin just right, we have the foundation to our healthiest, most beautiful skin. 

In this post, we’re telling you exactly how to cleanse your skin based on your skin type and we're also going to tell you what not to do when cleaning your face.

By then end, you'll know how to confidently wash your face so that you can see improvements in your complexion!

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What is a cleansing routine?

A cleansing routine refers to what you do on a daily, weekly, and sometimes monthly basis to wash your face. It ensures you have the healthiest skin and the proper foundation for products like serums, masks, moisturizers.

A cleansing routine is the most basic step in your perfect skincare routine. If you learn how to wash your face the right way, you'll reduce dullness and unclog you pores.

If you cleanse your skin the wrong way, you may increase acne/breakouts, break down your skin barrier, cause dryness, inflammation, and accelerate the aging process.

You can customize your cleansing routine as needed based on your skin type and using the specific skincare products that are right for you.

Before you start a cleansing routine:

Remember that healthy skin starts from within!

Although this post talks specifically about how to cleanse your face, as always, we want to remind you that all the products in the world can't improve the effects of bad eating habits.

Green leafy vegetables and lots of water are key to glowing skin! 🥗💧

No matter how closely you follow the proper way to cleanse your face or how much you spend on your skincare products, your skin will only be as healthy as the food you're consuming.

Cleansing routines and products are not magic! And if you attempt to use a skincare routine to cover up some not-so-good habits, it will show.  🙈 Great skin requires a healthy lifestyle, not a miracle!

So, before you even use the advice in this post, make sure you're committed to making healthy food choices for the best results.

You'll also want to be clear about what skin type you have prior to starting your cleansing routine.

This way you can properly customize your routine and choose the best products to suit your skin needs.   

5 Skin types to know so that you can properly cleanse your face

1. Normal Skin Type

  • A normal skin type refers to skin that has a proper balance of oil on the surface of the skin.
  • Normal skin is neither dry, nor oily, and doesn't show signs of redness or irritation.
  • A skincare routine for a normal skin type is the most simple to develop and you'll easily achieve glowing skin with a variety of products.

2. Dry Skin Type

  • A dry skin type refers to skin that does not produce sufficient oils to keep the skin feeling supple and hydrated.
  • You may notice your moisturizing products absorb rather quickly and you may often experience flaking and tightness.
  • Your pores are minimal, and you'll feel the need for heavier moisturizers.
  • A skincare routine for dry skin will require special attention to moisturizing and avoiding products that strip the skin.

3. Sensitive Skin Type

  • A sensitive skin type refers to skin that is delicate.
  • You may experience stinging, or burning with certain products that your besties rave about.
  • You skin is prone to blemishes, breakouts, redness, and irritation.
  • A skincare routine for sensitive skin will need to carefully consider irritants and help prevent scars and hyper-pigmentation. 

4. Oily Skin Type

  • An oily skin type refers to skin that produces excess oil.
  • This skin type often appears shiny and you typically have large pores.
  • You may also experience frequent breakouts and blackheads.
  • You may be surprised that a skincare routine for oily skin actually needs to focus on moisturizing because when oily skin is stripped of oil and not moisturized properly, it becomes even oilier!

5. Combination Skin Type

  • Combination skin is the most common of the 5 skin types.
  • As the name suggests, it refers to skin that shows signs of oily skin, dry skin, and normal skin.
  • Like oily skin types, combination skin is prone to breakouts and larger pores.
  • A skincare routine for combination skin can be the trickiest to customize.

Now that you know your skin type, and you're committed to eating right, we can move on to the details of how to wash your face!

 how to wash your face

How to wash your face

We've developed our P6 Protocol™ which combines 6 simple steps for the perfect skincare routine. We will focus on Step 1: Purify in this post.

Lets get started!

    Step 1: Purify

    Purifying your skin refers to cleansing.

    This first step in your skincare routine is the most important because it creates a perfect canvas that allows the other steps to be effective.

    When you cleanse your skin, you're ridding it of makeup, environmental pollutants, dirt and grime, bacteria, dead skin and excess oil.

    Washing your face properly will also ensure your facial oils, moisturizers, masks, and serums work optimally.

    When To Wash Your Face: You should purify your skin daily both AM and PM. (No sleeping in your makeup!) You should also do a weekly/ twice weekly doulbe cleanse to help treat blemishes/breakouts and to exfoliate.

    Your Morning Face Cleanse: Necessary to rinse off nighttime products so that daytime products can work properly.

    Your Evening Face Cleanse: Necessary to rid your skin from all the buildup that accumulated throughout the day as mentioned above.

    Your Weekly Face Cleanse: Necessary to reduce stubborn breakouts and to help shed dead skin.

    How To Wash Your Face: You should know that purifying your skin does not mean stripping it or scrubbing it harshly!

    It simply requires an effective, gentle cleanser.

    Your Morning Face Cleanse: Use a mild, moisturizing cleanser or simply rinse with pure water!

    Your Evening Face Cleanse: Again, use a mild, moisturizing cleanser.

    Your Weekly Face Cleanse: In addition to using a mild, moisturizing cleanser, double cleanse with a physical exfoliant 2-3 times per week to help reduce stubborn breakouts and shed dead skin.

    Everyone's pores get clogged with facial oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells! 🙈

    This Double Cleanse step is important when washing your face because it will help to stimulate cell turnover, slough away dull dead skin, cleanse pores more deeply, and help you achieve a smoother texture.

    Top Dos and Don't For How To Wash Your Face

     Do Don't
    Use lukewarm water Use hot water
    Wash A.M & P.M Forget to wash/rinse in the morning
    Exfoliate 2-3 per week Use an exfoliant daily unless its formulated for daily use


    No matter your skin type, you'll know you're using an effective cleanser if it has the ability to deeply cleanse your skin without making it feel tight and dry.

    How to test your cleanser for effectiveness:
    • The Makeup Test:
      • When you have a full face of makeup, use your cleanser to remove the makeup, paying close attention to your jawline and hairline (these are often neglected during the purifying step).
      • After cleansing and thoroughly rinsing, take a cotton round, or a white towel to dry your face.
      • If the cotton round or towel is full of makeup, you're cleanser isn't working properly. Yikes!
      • The Tightness Test:
        • Cleanse your skin and wait 30 minutes before doing the next skincare step to see how your skin feels.
        • If if feels tight, dry, and or irritated, your cleanser is too harsh.
        • If your skin feels hydrated and supple, and it passed the makeup test, you have the perfect cleanser!

        Our top selling AHA Cleanser passes both tests!

          Try double cleansing with our Double Cleanse Set that includes our AHA cleanser and our MicroPolish.

          We hope you enjoyed learning how to wash your face, the first step for a perfect skincare routine! Want to learn about the next steps? Read our full routine here.

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