October 2020 Skincare Horoscope: What's In The Stars For Your Complexion?


You've been going non-stop lately 🏃‍♀️and your skin routine has been seriously suffering. This month, you’ll finally get a chance to get back into following all of your skincare steps. Take time to completely pamper your skin at home with an extensive ritual a few times this month.

Know that once your skin is feeling taken care of again, you’ll be urged to resume your busy schedule. 

By the full moon 🌕 on the 31st, you’ll understand which products and steps you truly need for happy, healthy, glowing skin, and you’ll start adjusting your routine to reflect this. You'll feel a pull to indulge your skin in something extra. Schedule an at-home facial or two to satisfy that urge. On the 13th, Mars will be at opposition and this gets you thinking about your vanity space. Do you really like the space where you’ve set up all your skincare products, or should you move things around a bit? Start prepping for some re-organization now.


The biggest thing for you this month is friendship. You're likely to reconnect with an old bestie through mutual friends who can help you refine your skin routine, so don’t hesitate to divulge your #skincareobsession!

This October, you’ll suddenly realize what keeps causing your skin to break out and flare up. 😳

You’ll know what unhealthy habits you need to change to get your glow back. There will be a new moon 🌚 on the 16th causing you to long for a mini getaway with your besties. Look to the gram for some global skincare rituals you can indulge in while travel bans are still in place. These traditional skincare routines could be what helps you feel like you've traveled the world.


Your skin is looking pretty incredible at the moment, but you want perfection. 💖 Thinking about whether you’ve been all in on your routine and if your skin is reflecting that? If not, you might consider making some product changes.

Mars is at oposition on the 13th pushing you to think hard about your finances.

You went a little crazy shoping for skincare online 😛, but you know you made a good skinvestment. This may be a good time to consider asking for the raise you deserve, as there is plenty more skincare you’ll be trying out in the near future. Take extra time to pamper your skin in the early days of October, as you’ll be receiving tons of invites to zoom with your besties by the end of the month.


Summer is over and you’re feeling a little bummed about it, but its time to get a positive mindset about the season change. Start working on your fall 🍂 skin routine and all the different steps and products you plan to use as the weather cools down.

Mid-month, take time to do a zoom spa night with besties-you’ll all benefit from doing some socially-distanced masking together!

Been eying some new skincare products? You’ll get access to some awesome deals this month! 🤑 If it’s not for the line you were hoping for, don't fret. This month’s new moon on the 16th excites you to try something from an awesome new brand.


Everyone has bad skin days, but this month, you’ll be hyperaware of yours. 😒 Stay away from that magnifying mirror! Don't let blemishes get you down too much, your skintuition will kick in around the 18th and let you know what's been your worst skin enemy- too much stress, poor diet?

You’ll know just what lifestyle changes you need to make a massive difference in your complexion.

It’s not all rough patches though! After making some lifestyle changes, on the 23rd, when the Sun moves into Scorpio, you’ll wake up to seriously glowing skin. ✨ Suddenly you’ll be taking selfies non-stop in celebration of your gorgeous glow. Take some time to get a little sunshine, it will help you feel great and give you just a pop of color. Don’t forget your sunblock of course.


October is going to be a busy month for you-even apart from shopping for cozy sweaters and pumpkin 🎃 picking. In the beginning of the month, you’ll have the urge to tackle and organize your skincare cabinet. Consider whether you even like all the products you’ve been stashing. Maybe minimizing your collection will help you focus on those few holy grail products that will get your skin glowing this season.

It’s worth thinking about what your skin truly needs. ☺️

The full moon on the 31st will make you feel super exhausted and ready for some serious self-care time. Stop scrolling IG for a bit, create a relaxing atmosphere in your space, and go all out in a full on skincare routine to pamper yourself. Your skin will be refreshed and you'll be feeling confident to take on some new opportunities at work. Don't overthink it, just do it-they could lead to exciting things later this year. 


This month represents your half-birthday 🎂 which gets you contemplating your skincare choices. What steps have you taken for healthy skin so far, and how do you want to step up your skincare game before turning a year older? Be ready to get irritated by someone mocking your #skincareobsession in the beginning of the month. Don’t be quick to react though.

Think about why they may be criticizing your routine-maybe you can help them with their own.

On the 13th, Mars will be at opposition causing you to crave some friendship time. How many awesome skincare tips have you learned from your besties? Think about sharing your newest holy grail product with them- they could benefit from your advice too! 💕


You're feeling pretty good this month about some recent skincare purchases you made, Taurus. At the same time, you’re totally ready to switch up your routine this season by trying some steps that are brand new to you.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the state of your skin, what can you do to get there? 🤔

This month, you’ll be thinking a lot about which foods you need to eat to keep your skin healthy. Because lets face it, your not going to maintain your glow for the holidays if you don't get serious about how your diet choices affect your skin.

When Mars is at opposition on the 13th, you’ll be wondering whether you've taken on too much this month and you’ll worry about how the stress of your over-booked schedule will effect your skin. Remember, it’s ok to say no sometimes. You know stress can be a major source of breakouts. Take time to think about how you can lighten your schedule and take some more time to do you.


Your home is your haven and this month you are obsessed with organizing it. You'll be channeling your inner Marie Kondo and tackling the absolute mess in your skincare cabinet and on your vanity. You'll be super motivated to organize in the beginning of the month, but you’ll be desperate for a break by the full moon on the 31st. Take some you-time away from all the cleaning.

Don't worry about that bag of empty product boxes you've been hoarding for ages-they were too pretty to throw out! You'll get to them later, or not. 😉

When the sun moves into Scorpio, you'll be wanting to indulge your skin with your besties by your side. Invite them to a virtual hangout for a Netflix and #masknight. You'll feel absolutely refreshed from this much needed chill time.


You may be extra sensitive this month, taking lots of things personally. All the new products and steps you’ve added to your routine may get a little criticism from your friends and family. Is your boyfriend asking why you need yet another serum? Remember he’s just looking out for your budget.

Getting less emotional about comments on your skincare choices can keep your stress levels down and your complexion glowing. 😍

While you’re at it, work on keeping up with your full skin ritual- you’ll see amazing results in your spirits and skin as the season progresses. Around the 14th, you’ll be super focused on organizing your entire beauty cabinet and even purging your stash of unused or expired products. It may seem low-priority, but keeping your skincare space clean and organized will help set your day and end your day in a much calmer, stress-free way- you’ll start seeing improvements in other areas of your life because of it.


Money is all you seem to be thinking about this month. You’ll be spending time making really careful choices on what skincare products you buy- this caution will lead you to your holy grails!

Since you know you need to budget wisely, you may begin to consider doing a no-buy month soon. 💸

On the 14th, you’ll be looking for deals and awesome skincare giveaways on IG. Then, by the 13th, when Mars is in opposition, you’ll make some changes in you skincare routine. These changes make you feel super pampered and confident in your skin. FYI, you may reconnect with someone who could really use your compassion and skincare advice. Help this person as much as you can while remembering that everyone's skin is unique and your product faves may not work for her skin-type.


You know you're on your skincare game this month, Virgo. You have your routine down and you’ve finally been seeing amazing results in your complexion. The new moon 🌚 on the 16th gets you thinking about how your whole lifestyle affects the state of your skin. What are your plans for diet, exercise, and self-care this season? You definitely want to keep your skin glowing through the holidays. This month you’ll think of some lifestyle changes you may need to make in order to do that.

Don't go overboard on PSLs!  😉 🎃

Near the middle of the month, you'll be reminded to take a serious look at your skincare budget 💰and you'll start thinking hard about whether you’ve made the best product choices. If you feel like a hyped brand really isn't working for you, don’t be afraid to remove it from your routine. After all, everyone's skin is unique and you may have better luck looking into a less well-known brand this month.


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