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Giving back and donating in support of marine life worldwide.

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we absolutely love the ocean!

Not only does it power our collection, but it connects each and every one of us around the globe! Whether we live near the beach or far from it, we are all impacted by the state of our oceans.

shop a brand that's protecting the oceanUnfortunately, oceans worldwide are in serious trouble and the cosmetic industry is a large contributor to the pollution that puts our oceans and ocean animal’s lives at risk.

As a clean beauty brand powered by the ocean (all of our products are formulated with marine ingredients), we strive to keep your skin and our oceans healthy. 

We believe beauty is more than skin deep. We know that it's ocean deep.

We are committed to using ingredients, materials, and packaging that have the least impact on our oceans and marine life. And we are committed to giving back and donating in support of marine life worldwide.

 Our Brand's Waves of Love


Giving back

We are official '1% for the Planet' members and have established the Clean Beauty Clean Oceans™ Fund to ensure that a percentage of each and every purchase you make from us is contributed to foundations that support ocean preservation and marine life world wide.

shop a brand that let's you donate

You shop, we give!
We let you chose where your donation goes for each purchase you make from us!
Scroll down to learn more about the organizations you can choose from.

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We believe not only in clean skincare, but clean oceans too. Many skincare ingredients are not ocean-friendly. Clean Beauty is not only important for our health, but also for the health of marine animals and marine botanicals.

Certain ingredients pollute our oceans and poison marine life. We choose to formulate with meticulously chosen ingredients that are sustainably sourced and ocean friendly.

Our PureGlow™ Promise assures you that we never use the following ocean hazardous ingredients: microbeads, nano-particles, triclosan, parabens, oxybenzone, octinoxate, BHA, BHT, DBP, synthetic fragrances, siloxanes. 


We chose to bottle our collection in glass vessels because glass will never pollute our oceans. We use 100% recycled paper filler for shipment. We use the least amount of plastic possible and when we do use plastic, we only use 100% recyclable plastics.

We always encourage you to up-cycle and or recycle!

Below are some of our favorite marine preservation organizations.


Surfrider Foundation

"Champions of the Surf and Sand"
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The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to protections our oceans and beaches.  Their team is filled with passionate scientists and marine experts who work together to keep our oceans healthy through a variety of ways.



"Protecting the World's Oceans"
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Oceana is an international non-profit organization that strives to change government policies in order to protect oceans worldwide. Some things they focus on are responsible fishing practices, eliminating ocean plastic pollution.


National Marine Life Center

"Caring for stranded marine animals"
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The National Marine Life Center is an non-profit organization in Buzzards Bay, MA that rehabilitates stranded marine animals. Their center is not only a marine animal hospital, but also a science and education center. They also have an excellent marine animal adoption program.


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